RINK Update

The RINK is not open yet – we are making ice every night and expect to be open by Christmas eve.  We will send out a post when we open.  Check the web page or call the hotline : (720) 235-8597.

We have updated the Holiday ice schedule and new pricing on the web site.

Volunteer at the RINK to reduce the cost of Hockey Fees, Curling Fees or your season pass – email us at admin@nedrink.org if you are interested.

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Work Session Sunday 10-2

Just to clarify – it is this Sunday Nov 16th 10am-2pm. Herb is cooking up some burgers and we will have some hot chocolate. Bring drinks and we’ll have a BBQ.

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RINK work session Sunday Nov 16th 10-2 Almost Done!

Hello All -
We will be having a volunteer work session at the RINK Sunday Nov 11th from
10am-2pm.  We are near the end of the prep work and almost ready to start making
1) Putting down mats in viewing area
2) Finish tucking the Gasket
3) Put up cable and Fencing
4) Put down mats in Zam alley.

We have a storm coming in on Saturday, but Sunday should be clear and in the
20's Lets finish this up and be ready for the ice season!

Thanks much for everyone's hard work so far!
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Need Volunteers TODAY (11/11) at 2pm

Given the way this storm is developing, we need to get the liners down today.  If you have time to join us, please come out 2pm. We need 10-12 adults to do this right. If we get some of the older kids out we can use them as well.

We will supply hot chocolate, the rink supplies the liners, and nature provides the rest! Let’s make some ice!

Please let us know if you can make it: alanbrewer0@gmail.com.

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