What is Broomball?

bb2 Broomball is a game played on ice in boots or running shoes. The object is to hit a ball into a net using a broomball stick, which is a broom handle with a triangular rubber wedge on the end.

Broomball strategy and positioning have much in common with ice hockey, but with reduced mobility and a high premium on passing and movement off the ball. And as no skating skills are required, it’s a great game for ice novices!

Broomball at the Nederland Rink

bb3 We typically cross-ice at the Nederland Rink — that’s still 100 feet — with as many as 5 on 5 with goalies. Some sort of helmet is required, whether it be hockey, skiing, bike or motorcycle, and kneepads of any flavor are recommended. The Rink will supply the stick and balls. If the ice is sketchy for skating, it’s probably still good for broomball, so come on out!

Extra Fees

Please bring $3 in addition to any regular ice fees to contribute to the broomball equipment fund. Thanks!

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