Learn to Skate

rec NedRink offers occasional Learn-to-Skate classes, described below. If you’re interested, please go to our sign up page or contact the instructors.

Learn to Skate Costs
Nederland / Gilpin Residents Non-residents guests
$50 for a 4 week session $65 for a 4 week session

Jan 9th – Feb 27th
(times TBD, but most likely Saturdays ~9am)

When: TBD Pre-Alpha and Alpha classes

TBD Beta, Gamma, Delta classes
Classes will run for a 4 week session. Each class is 25 minutes in length. There will be open ice for warm up and practice before or after each class. Each student will take a level test during their last class to earn a patch for that level. Classes and skills are outlined below. Please sign your student up for the class most appropriate for them. Changes may be made by the instructor as needed. *Skaters will need a day or season pass for these classes.

DSC01032 Toddler Program (Mommy / Daddy and Me classes)

*safe way to fall and get up from a fall
*marching, both standing and moving
*beginning stroking and two foot glides
*preparation for snow plough stops
*dip-bending knees and crouching down slightly while gliding forward
*forward, backward and single swizzles
*two foot jump in place
*T position and push
*one and two foot snow plough stops
*backward wiggle

The Learn to Skate program for older students is divided into 5 levels and include many of the basic skills in the toddler program. Children who have taken the Toddler class may be able to skip the Pre-Alpha level.

Learn to Skate Levels for older children and adults:

*one and two foot glides
*forward swizzles
*backward wiggles
*beginning stroking
*beginning snow plough stops

*forward stroking
*forward crossovers (both left over right and right over left)
*one foot snow plough stops

*backward stroking
*back crossovers (both directions)
*T stops

*outside edge three-turns (both left and right feet)
*inside Mohawk turns and combination sequences on both feet
*stroking from a T stop position
*outside edges
*hockey stops

*inside edge three-turns
*forward edges
*bunny hops

Private Skating Lessons are available by contacting the instructor.

Learn to Skate Instructors:

Mary Joyce 518.320.5245

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